WORLD HISTORY 3A                                                                                         Victor Valley College

Dr. Eric Mayer



Students must write in small bluebook exam

 I.  IDENTIFICATIONS: In five to seven complete sentences describe the name, or term, periodize it (give dates), and briefly explain its historical significance. Each correct ID is worth 5 potential points for 50 possible points on this section of your exam. On your exam you will write on 10 out of 15 that I have selected from this list.
Philistines  Karma
 Zhou/Chou  Plato
Isis   Luxor & Karnak 
Punic Wars Julius Caesar
Hyksos Buddha  
Osiris Hinduism 
 1st Intermediate Period (Egypt) Rig-Veda
Indus Civilization Troy
Agamemnon  Dorian Greeks 
Aristotle  Minoan Civilization 
Gilgamesh  Mandate of Heaven 
Mycenaens  Zeus 
 Augustus  The Vedic-Age 
Pyramid age Pompei 
Socrates  Assyrians 
II. ESSAY QUESTIONS:You will write on two questions that I select. Each essay question is worth a possible 25 points, for 50 potential points on the essay section of your midterm.

  1.)  Explain the evolution of Greek history up through the Golden Age of Greece. What do you feel were the main components of this period?

2.)  Examine Roman history from 509 BC to 180 AD and analyze the effect that the Roman expansion and empire had on Rome in this time period.